Wed, Jun 07 2017

(In 5d48f207b16f) Clarify loader warning to apply to 4K logical sector disks only.

20:15 BSDLoader by

(In 8d74f0988f8a) Clarify loader warning to apply to 4K logical sector disks only.

20:15 Upgrade_to_r151022 by

Thu, Jun 01 2017

(In b3df26ef7d04) Add warning for 4K sector disk bug.

15:59 BSDLoader by

(In bdd209674e68) Add warning for 4K disk loader bug.

15:55 Upgrade_to_r151022 by

Wed, May 17 2017

(In 652ad7b8129b) Merge branch 'upstream'

(In f012ee0c3db1) 7590 sendmsg on AF_UNIX socket fails after process drops privileges

Portions contributed by: Jeremy Allison <>

Reviewed by: Yuri Pankov <>

Reviewed by: Toomas Soome <>

Reviewed by: Robert Mustacchi <>

01:30 core/illumos-omnios by danmcd

Mon, May 15 2017

(In 7cfba9f319fb) First r151023 bloody.

21:01 Installation by danmcd

(In 6316360366ac) r151022 ami

13:19 Installation by mmurphy

(In 1fae7fd17321) Bump personality for OmniOS r151023 (new bloody)

10:07 core/omnios-build by danmcd

(In 8b31933c6288) Last illumos-joyent commit: b29bd3a941d640162496a2ab849fd84ca5dd6cf5

(In a1a04e7c3eab) OS-6052 need /proc/self/uid_map

Reviewed by: Patrick Mooney <>

Approved by: Patrick Mooney <>

(In e6140fee7dd0) Merge branch 'upstream'

10:07 core/illumos-omnios by danmcd

Fri, May 12 2017

(In 436cacfa3a8a) Warning about openjdk and iso-codes needing extra software.

11:26 BuildInstructions by danmcd

(In f17054c86bed) PKGURL vs. PKGSRVR discussion for kayak-kernel.

10:24 BuildInstructions by danmcd

(In b38d43cd6c3f) PKGURL vs. PKGSRVR for kayak-kernel.

10:24 buildctl by danmcd

(In 34bb0314492f) kayak-kernel must come at the end.

09:57 buildctl by danmcd

Thu, May 11 2017

(In 4406b5b5c580) Mention illumos 5938.

16:54 OmniOS-on-demand by danmcd

(In cd0156e0dfa4) Lose reference to r151024.

16:44 ReleaseCycle by danmcd

(In 6d0a9e0a6661) Release r151022.

16:41 Installation by danmcd

(In e873353adc67) Remove a false sentence.

14:25 KayakInteractive by danmcd

(In eb8d5216c9ef) Softer language on tested upgrade paths.

14:19 Upgrade_to_r151022 by danmcd